Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pont de l'Alma

This morning I would like post some nice autumn pictures taken around Pont de l'Alma. This bridge is at the corner of the before-mentioned Avenue George V and Avenue Montaigne. Unfortunately this place is famous for Princess Diana's car accident.

Let me copy something interesting here from Wikipedia: "For Parisians, the bridge serves as a measuring instrument for water levels and a dam in times of flooding on the Seine, due to its statue of a Zouave soldier. Access to the footpaths by the river embankments usually is closed when the Seine's level reaches the feet of the Zouave, and when the water hits the statue's thighs, the river becomes unnavigable. During the great flood of the Seine in 1910, the level reached to the shoulders of the Zouave. The French Civil Service, however, officially uses the Pont de la Tournelle to gauge the flood levels — not the Pont de l'Alma." You can check the statue's picture on the link before.

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