Monday, October 24, 2011

Macarons à la noix de coco

Coconut macarons

There’s a debate about the origin of the world-famous macarons. The name comes from the Italian maccarone. There are different versions, the most popular is the Parisian one.

I found this recipe on the 750g website. With this recipe, you can easily make Parisian macarons at home, no special tools are needed. I changed the recipe a bit according to what I experienced during preparing them.

Ingredients (for around 20 macarons):

For the hulls:
2-3 egg whites (of large 2 are enough*)
200 g icing sugar
125 g almond flour
40 g grated coconut
40 g granulated sugar

For the coconut cream:
15 cl cream*
80 g white/dark* chocolate
20 g grated coconut
vanilla exctract*
lime zest*

*My modification. For the original recipe, check the link above.

I recommend you to prepare the filling first, some hours prior to the hulls. It’s easy, just heat the cream and mix it with the chocolate and the grated coconut and add some lime zest and vanilla extract for a more intense taste.

When this is done, got cold and a bit thicker, you can start the hulls. 
Mix the icing sugar, the almond flour and half of the grated coconut well in a food processor. Finer the ingredients, the better your macarons will be. Sift them to a large bowl. 
Start beating the egg whites with a spoon of sugar in another bowl, then add the rest gradually to reach a hard mousse. Sift the almond mix on the eggs little by little and mix carefully with a spatula. Your mixture should be shiny and smooth. 

Place baking paper on a baking sheet. Use a piping bag to produce 2cm/0,8’’ circles on it. To reach a perfect shape, push the mix to one point, don’t try drawing a spiral, the mix will get flat anyway. Sprinkle the other half of the coconut on the tops. On my picture you cannot see extra coconut as I missed this step for a smooth surface. It is important now to let them rest until the top is not sticky anymore. This takes around an hour. 

After this, heat your oven to 150°C/300°F. Bake the hulls for around 10 minutes. Watch them, they shouldn’t get any brown.

As a final step, take two hulls and stick them together with some coconut filling! To enjoy perfect macarons, wait 1 day to consume them, until then keep them in a box.

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