Sunday, October 30, 2011


This weekend passed fast and I wasn't home a lot. Let me end the FIAC post-series with two interesting pictures: the first - for me - looks like a huge Christmas ornament :) I know, Christmas is further in time, but I already started thinking about it in one corner of my mind, as I bought my tickets this week for Christmas. I will spend two weeks with my family and I'm very happy to see them soon!

Vincent Mauger: La somme des hypothèses

When I took pictures of this extraordinary piece, a guy came to us and he was totally outraged (and maybe a bit confused) - he was saying, the people have no respect for the Louvre to put this joke up there. Well I think it is funny and is a very good kind of contrast for the old palace. It attracts attention and makes people smile. Temporarily. Actually in the interieur, we can always find contemporary exhibits. 

What do you think?

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