Friday, October 21, 2011

Les Invalides

The Invalides is a military complex with a hospital, a retirement home for war veterans, a museum and a chapel. I took the following pictures in its garden and court. You can find the buildings on the bank of the river in the 7th district. If you walk from the Rive Droite (Right Bank), you have to cross Pont Alexandre III, one of the most impressive bridges in Paris. If you prefer getting there by metro, the most convenient stations are Invalides and Varenne on line 13 or La Tour-Maubourg on line 8. In the area there are embassies, there is Musée Rodin and l’Assemblé National (the French Parliament) is not far either.

 They say, the cannons are placed in front of the frontage to make the Parisians remember, that you can always fight if you are not satisfied with the "system". 

 The plants in the esplanade give a strict impression.

Amazed visitors in the court

Louis XIV ordered the construction of Les Invalides in 1670. Most of it was built quite fast, in 6 years. The architect was Libéral Bruant. The church though was built during 30 years by another architect, Jules Hardouin Mansart.

 One of my favourite pictures :)

The Eiffel Tower is in walking distance. The gardens here are perfect for romantic walks. Do you notice the couple there? :)

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