Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Le Monde de la Mode

Karl Lagerfeld, the Paris-based 78-year old German fashion designer, creative director of Chanel is launching his own brand, Karl in January 2012. Having worked for so many brands, like Balmain, Repetto, Patou, Chloe, Fendi, he is writing his name in stone. You can follow the launching if you sign up on www.karllagerfeld.com

What is the product that could sell like hot cakes and doesn’t exist yet? 
Let me help you: Louis Vuitton just trusted Jacques Cavalier-Belletrud, the famous perfumeur from Grasse, to create their fragrance! How come they haven’t had one until now, right? This perfume will actually not be their very first one, as in the 1920’s LV had 4 perfumes, “Je Tu il”, “Sur la Route”, “Reminiscences” and “Heures d'Absence”. Be careful, there are fake LV perfumes for sale online! If you would love to own one original, you may have to wait a bit more - the collaboration starts in January 2012, so the release date is not known yet. Until then, we have to settle for l’Eau d’Issey, Dior Addict or Poême of Lancôme, previous works of Cavalier-Belletrud.

On 25 October, so later today, the book of Christian Louboutin is released. He is celebrating 20 years of shoe designing. The book’s foreword is written by John Malkovich, the photographers were David Lynch and Philippe Garcia. Below this sneak-peak, you can look into and buy the book now from Amazon for $93,75 instead of $150. Hm, good deal!

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